Member Meetings

In order to restrict CUPFA meetings to members only, Zoom meeting links are not posted on our website.
An email search for messages from “Info CUPFA” will locate Zoom connections in our reminder emails (usually sent within 48 hrs. of each meeting).

Upcoming Meetings

  • Council of Representatives meeting May 23, 4:30 pm
  • EDI -Language in the Classroom: May 25, 2023

Member Meetings

All CUPFA members are convened to special or annual general meetings re: emerging employment issues. The presentation section of these meetings is recorded and posted without the Q&A and discussion portions. Meeting videos are posted as news items on our website, and can be accessed anytime via links below:

Additional Meetings

Meetings for defined CUPFA groups (Reps, PTHC, etc) or about CUPFA initiatives (PD, etc); Meetings to review specific emerging issues related to hiring, employer initiatives, sectors, etc; Workshops planned in response to member needs, pedagogical interests, related activities, etc. Some Additional Meetings have no video links – others can be accessed anytime via links below: