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CUPFA strives to keep members informed about issues and events, and CUPFA News has served well as a valuable annual tradition. Please review the many previous issues posted below. Based on the recent universal adoption of web conferencing, CUPFA News will remain suspended until its pertinence can be assessed in our newly modified communications environment.

In early 2020 web conferencing abruptly became the norm for group interactions, and online meetings and workshops added a surprisingly effective way of improving communication among members. Attendance at CUPFA meetings and events immediately increased significantly as members responded to the convenience and spontaneity of online participation. Participants’ questions are individually and immediately answered via email during meetings by a knowledgeable support team working in the background. Some of these questions flag information that is added to the live presentation.

CUPFA’s President and executive plan to maintain web conferencing as the Association’s primary way of interacting with members to share important news and recommendations and address members’ concerns. Full membership updates, town hall meetings, workshops, special interest sessions, etc. will become more accessible to our membership while minimizing time and travel constraints. In-person events remain a valuable option and will certainly be included as appropriate.

CUPFA News, Volume 35, Number 1, January 2020
CUPFA News 2019

Nouvelles de l’APTPUC, vol. 35, no 1, janvier 2020
Nouvelles de l’APTPUC 2019

CUPFA News, Volume 34, Number 1, December 2018
CUPFA News 2018

Nouvelles de l’APTPUC, vol. 34, no 1, décembre 2018
Nouvelles de l’APTPUC 2018

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CUPFA News, Volume 23, Number 1, December 2007
Special Issue. Theme: Mobilization.
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