Pension Information

All of the following documents are uploaded for information purposes only and do not represent professional financial advice.  Members are advised to obtain professional financial advice before making financial decisions about retirement. CUPFA is not responsible for any financial decision made by members.

1. PENSION PLAN for Part-Time Faculty at Concordia University
This updated document uses steps, charts, and examples to clearly explain how the Pension Plan for Employees of Concordia University works for part-time faculty. It is revised annually to include new information on contribution rates, new sample calculations, etc.

Members are encouraged to read another important updated document in the “Retirement Planning” subsection (below this “Pension Information” subsection).

» Download: How the Pension Plan Works for Part-time Faculty at Concordia University
» Télécharger: Fonctionnement du Régime de Retraite des Profs à TP de l’Université Concordia

2. Comparing RRIF to Annuity – an article from the website
This explanation of the differences between RRIFs and Annuities is relevant when considering how to convert your RRSP into an effective flow of income for your retirement. Individuals must convert all RRSPs by the end of the year they reach 71 years of age. *Article presented for information purposes only.
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3. Over to You – an article from The Economist magazine
This is a reprint of an article that appeared in a special edition of The Economist magazine on pensions (7 April 2011).   This article discusses defined benefit vs defined contribution pension plans.
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