Grant Reports

PD Large Grants are requested and approved according to guidelines and criteria specified in CUPFA’s Collective Agreement and administered by a joint union/employer Professional Development Committee. 

Large grant recipients must submit their written reports (see below) to

PD Large Grant reports must include the following information:

Concordia Email:
Date of application:
Date of report:
Project title:

  1. Describe your project in one paragraph.
  2. Outline the personal and professional benefits provided by your grant.
  3. How did PD funding advance your research, teaching, and career?
  4. Did your PD grant enable you to learn new skills, or open up new avenues of research?
  5. Personal anecdotes about your travel, research, or other information about your project that will give members a more engaging idea of your overall experience.
  6. Other information you consider relevant.
  7. A short biography  (100 words) and a photograph (preferably a professional headshot).
  8. One photograph that best reflects your grant experience.