Professional Development

CUPFA’s Professional Development Fund supports part-time faculty members in their own professional and academic development. There are two main categories of funding members can apply for: Professional Development grants and Small Claims. Professional Development grants provide funds that allow members to offset some of the heavy costs of research. They cover travel expenses, conference fees, hotel costs and per diems when members are presenting papers at conferences and pay for costs involved in the production or exhibition of artworks. Small Claims reimburse part-time faculty members for expenses directly related to teaching.

To be eligible for Small Claims members must have 12 seniority credits or more.  Members must have 18 credits or more to be eligible for Professional Development Grants.

The Professional Development of part-faculty members is of primary significance for the Association. CUPFA’s main objective is to provide funding in accordance with Article 17 of the CUPFA Collective Agreement to members who undertake research or creative endeavours. With professional development funds, the Association is able to advance the accomplishment of CUPFA members. The work and accomplishment of members is also promoted and/or showcased whenever possible at special events throughout the University.

You will find more information about Professional Development under the individual categories in this section. Please also download and read Professional Development News as it includes important supplementary information about how to apply for large grants and Small Claims as well as general information about PD.