Small Claims

Small Claims

Small Claims covers costs directly related to teaching and help offset minor research and training expenses. To be eligible members must have a contract within the academic year of your application, which starts on May 1st and goes to April 30th, have a minimum of 12 seniority points and must be a CUPFA member at the time of application. The academic year begins on May 1, so purchases made between that date and the following March can be reimbursed. Members can apply for Small Claims by filling out a Small Claims Request form.

Forms for Small Claims are emailed to members in December and are also available below. You must submit the request form by 3 p.m. EST on January 15 with a list of expenses you incurred. Do not send your receipts at this time.

If the deadline falls on a weekend, the date of application will be extended to 3 p.m. EST the following Monday.

Professional Fees Reimbursement

CUPFA endeavours to help offset some of the costs of professional fees for part-time faculty who are required to be a member of a professional association to apply for their courses. Members can apply for Professional Fee reimbursement by filling out a Professional Fee Request form.

Forms for Professionals Fees are emailed to members in December and are also available below. You must submit the form by 3 p.m. EST on January 15 with a list your professional fees. Do not submit your Professional Fees receipts at this time.

To be eligible members must have a minimum of 12 seniority credits, be under contract and a current CUPFA member at the application deadline, and be required by their department/unit to be a member of a professional association in order to apply to teach your course(s).

Members requesting Professional Fees reimbursement are also eligible for Small Claims.

Small Claims and Professional Fee Reimbursement:

The amount available to be paid to members will depend on how many people apply and the monies available in the Professional Development budget after the three rounds of large grants adjudication.

Shortly after you submit your Small Claims and/or Professional Fee request forms, you will receive a notice letting you know how much money is available and information about how to organize your receipts. Please read this information carefully and follow the guidelines. You must submit your receipts and expense report to the CUPFA office by mid-February or early March at the latest. Members must submit original receipts with the exception of expenses that were charged online. Make sure you keep copies of your receipts before submitting the originals in case of damage or loss.

When submitting Small Claims receipts please ensure that they clearly indicate the items that you’ve purchased. For instance, if you are buying books, the receipt should list the titles of each book.

At times invoices for items purchased online don’t include all of the appropriate information. In these cases, the budget office will request a copy of your credit card statement to verify payment. To be on the safe side, keep copies of your statements handy.

Small Claims and Professional Fees– Request Forms
{May 1, 2018-April 30, 2019 Budget Year}
The deadline for requests is Monday January 15, 2019, 3 p.m.  EST

To apply for Small Claims and/or Professional Fees please download and fill out the request forms. If you open the PDF in Acrobat Reader in addition to being editable an auto calculate function is activated. Acrobat Reader can be downloaded for free from any web browser. We recommend that you DO NOT use Preview. While it will work the software appears to corrupt the PDFs, and the date field and auto calculate functions are disabled.

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