Small Claims

Small Claims covers costs related directly to teaching and are therefore only available to those members with contracts in a given year.   You may only apply if you have taught one or more of the semesters within the academic year of your application, which starts on May 1st and goes to April 30th.  

The amount available to be paid to members depends on how many people apply. You only need 12 seniority points to be eligible for Small Claims. The academic year begins on May 1, so what you buy between that date and the following March can be reimbursed.  Make sure you save your receipts and that they clearly indicate the items that you’ve purchased. For instance, if you are buying books, make sure the receipt lists the titles of each of book.

Forms for Small Claims are mailed out to members in December and are now also available online. You must submit the form by January 15 with a list of expenses you incurred, or will incur, for books, DVDs, software, an internet account and more.

Shortly thereafter, you will receive a notice letting you know how much money is available depending on how many people have applied, along with an expense report. You will need to submit your receipts and expense report to the CUPFA office by mid-February.

Sometimes invoices for items purchased online don’t include all of the appropriate information. In these cases the budget office will request a copy of your credit card statement to verify payment. To be on the safe side, keep copies of your statements handy.

Make sure you carefully read all of the information concerning how to submit your receipts. This will be sent to you with an expense report once we determine how much money is available for the year.

Small Claims – Application Form
{May 1, 2017-April 30, 2018 Budget Year}
The deadline for application is Monday January 15, 2018, 3 p.m.
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