Office of Research

Internal Funding Opportunities

In Addition to support from CUPFA’s Professional Development Fund there are a number of interesting funding internal research opportunities available to members through the Office of the Vice-President, Research and Graduate Studies (VPRGS), as well as through faculty-specific competitions. These programs are designed to complement and leverage external funding opportunities.

Part-time faculty members who are actively involved in research may apply  for Accelerator Program Funding and Aid to Reseach-Related Events contingent on providing a support letter from the Department including information about the end dates for time limited appointments.

Accelerator Program

The Seed and Accelerator Funding Program grants are awarded to a maximum of $7,000 for individual projects (Stream 1) and $15,000 for team projects (Stream 2). Matching funds are accepted but not required.
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Aid to Research-Related Events

The ARRE grants are awarded to a maximum of $5,000. At least 50% matching funds are required. The matching funds will be provided by the Faculty where necessary.

Matching support from other sources is mandatory.

More information on Internal Funding can be found at:

External Funding Opportunities

 Affiliate Faculty Appointments

Part-time faculty members are eligible to be appointed as Affiliate faculty without losing their Part Time status through an agreement between the University and the Concordia University Part time Faculty Association.

Affiliate faculty positions provide a means for Concordia University to recognize accomplished and qualified individuals who are able to make significant contributions to the teaching and research endeavors of the University by virtue of their professional expertise and scholarship.

Affiliate faculty may carry out collaborative research with full-time faculty at Concordia, co-supervise graduate students along with a full-time faculty member, and apply for and hold research funding from external research agencies such as SSHRC, NSERC, CIHR, FQRSC, FQRNT, and FRSQ.

Guidelines for Affiliate Faculty Appointments at Concordia University 

Guidelines for Affiliate Faculty Appointments