Retirement Planning

All of the following documents are uploaded for information purposes only and do not represent professional financial advice.  Members are advised to obtain profession financial advice before making financial decisions about retirement. CUPFA is not responsible for any financial decision that you make.

1.  Retirement Planning for Part-time Faculty
You are encouraged to read the detailed file about how the Pension Plan for Employees of Concordia University works for part-time faculty, under Pension Information on this website.
»  Download: FINANCIAL & RETIREMENT PLANNING for Part-Time Faculty
»  Télécharger: PLANIFICATION FINANCIERE ET DE RETRAITE pour les profs a temps partiel

»  Download: Great-West Life Group Retirement & Savings Plans
»  Télécharger: Great-West Life Programme de retraite et d’épargne collectif

2.  Concordia University Group Savings Plans  
If you are not sure whether you are a member of the pension plan, just check your pay stub.  If the employer is making contributions to the pension plan for you then you are a member.

The following PowerPoint slides explain Concordia Group Retirement and Savings Program Plans.
» Download:  Concordia RRSP TFSA May 2018
» Télécharger:  Programme de retraite et d’épargne collectif

3.  Excel file for Budgeting for Retirement
This is an Excel file version of page 3 of the above document to help you budget for the future.
»  Download

4.  Comparing RRIF to Annuity –
This is PDF copy of an article explaining the differences between RRIFs and Annuities found on the website.  This article is relevant when considering how to convert your RRSP into a flow of income for your retirement.   This article is uploaded for information purposes only.
»  Download

5.  MoneySense December 2012 article on Long-Term and Critical Illness Insurance.
See page 17 about this.
»  Download

6.  From Retirement Health Care Coverage in Retirement.
This article contains a helpful overview of medical insurance issues and examples of premiums for retirees.  See page 19 about this.
»  Download

7.  Council on Aging Guide to Long-Term Care Insurance dated 2008.
See page 20 about this.
»  Download

Last Updated on January 5, 2019.