Mandate & History

What is CUPFA?

Recognized since 1989 by the Quebec Ministry of Labour, the Concordia University Part-time Faculty Association is an association of part-time faculty employed by Concordia University to defend and negotiate on behalf of its members. The Association not only defends the rights of its members, it supports and showcases their achievements relating to their professional development, their creative endeavors, and their academic research.

As a union, the Association builds on the networks established to defend the working conditions of our members. We have developed solid coalitions with the Concordia University Inter-Union Council, FNEEQ (our sister unions in Quebec), student federations and groups, and with the COCAL movement of part-time faculty across Canada, the United States and Mexico.

The Association is active on all University bodies and committees and participates in the formulation of academic and administrative policies. From the Board of Governors, Senate, and Faculty Councils to Departmental Committees we advance the faculty’s pedagogical needs. In this manner the Association defends the University as an institution of higher learner with its academic mission.

CUPFA remains an independent union and while not affiliated with a central union in Quebec, our mission is to serve the members directly. The CUPFA Executive and our dedicated staff ensure a quality service to the membership. We are as much concerned about the working conditions of members as we are about their general well being.