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What is my seniority?
A part-time faculty member acquires seniority, defined as the total number of credits attributed to the part-time faculty member, from the point of first hire at Concordia University.

A three (3) credit course represents between one hour and fifty (1h50) and three (3) hours of classroom contact hours per week for thirteen (13) weeks or equivalent; and a six (6) credit course represents between one hour and fifty (1h50) and three (3) hours of classroom contact hours per week for twenty-six (26) weeks.

Where can I find my seniority?
Seniority credits are posted on your MyConcordia Portal. To view your seniority credits, log in to your MyConcordia portal.  Click “Employee Services.” You will see a choice between two icons.  Click “PT Faculty Positions”.  After clicking this, you will see a list of items which include the seniority list.  You can choose to view the list sorted by totals credits descending, or by last name.

How many credits per year can I teach?
Maximum Credits per year is described in Article 9.02 of the Collective Agreement (page 32). There are three (3) levels of credit limits, and they are as follows:

a) Part-time faculty members who have acquired ninety (90) credits or more of seniority may teach up to eighteen credits per academic year.

b) Part-time faculty members who have acquired twenty-four (24) credits or more of seniority but fewer than ninety (90) credits of seniority may teach up to twelve credits per year.

c) Part-time faculty members who have acquired less than twenty-four (24) credits of seniority, individuals who have lost their previously accrued seniority, and new hires may teach a total of sic (6) credits per academic year.

Problems with course assignments, potential grievances
A grievance is defined as any difference arising out of the interpretation, application, administration or violation of the Collective agreement. Grievances may be filed by the Association or the Employer. The association may file grievances on its own behalf or on behalf of an individual part-time faculty member.

If you feel that you have grounds for a grievance, first, consult the Collective agreement. Which Article or Articles do you believe have been contravened? Second: document everything. This would include any correspondence you have with the parties involved; any documents related to your claim (e.g. a hiring posting). Third: contact the VP Grievance and arrange a meeting to discuss the issue as early as possible.

What benefits am I entitled to?

Benefits for CUPFA members are detailed under Article 15 in the Collective Agreement. This can be found on pages 56 – 59.

All part-time faculty members shall be entitled to make use of the University’s health services, professional counselling services, substance abuse program, and all other assistance programs available to Concordia University employees. (Article 19.02 c)

What is the University position on Online Teaching and Assessment for Summer 2020?
On April 23rd, 2020, the following memo was communicated:



Are PTF covered by an insurance plan?
Part-time members who have acquired fifty (50) or more seniority credits at the beginning of a teaching contract are eligible for the Comprehensive Health plan.

Part-time members who have acquired less than fifty (50) seniority credits at the beginning of a teaching contract are eligible for the R.A.M.Q. Drug Plan Equivalent.

Am I eligible?
See Above.

What is covered?

More than 50 credits
The Comprehensive Health Plan is described under Article 15.14, on page 58  of the CUPFA Collective Agreement.

Less than 50 credits
Basic drug plan



 Am I eligible?

You are eligible to participate in the Concordia Pension Plan if you are:
a full-time, permanent employee; or
not a full-time, permanent employee but you have met one of the following qualifications in the previous calendar year:
a minimum of 700 hours worked; or
remuneration equal to at least 35% of the YMPE.

How do I apply?
Join the plan on January 1 of the year following the calendar year in which you meet one of the following qualifications:
a minimum of 700 hours worked; or
remuneration equal to at least 35% of the YMPE.

To Enrol, complete the enrolment form. Find out more at:

Access to services (Library etc..)
Article 19.06 states: Part-time faculty members shall have the same library privileges available to all other faculty. Such privileges shall be maintained for part-time faculty members who have requested leaves defined in Article 14 and Article 15.


Information on Professional Development is to be found under Article 17 in the Collective Agreement, on pages 61 – 64.

Who is eligible?
Part-time faculty members who have acquired eighteen (18) or more credits of seniority, including those who are neither teaching nor on leave, but who are still within the thirty-two (32) month hiatus period, shall be eligible to apply for professional development funds.

What are the deadlines?
Deadlines for application to the professional Development Fund are January 15, April 1, and October 15.

What is the maximum amount?
Presently, the maximum amount allocated for a PD project is $6,000.

In addition to a professional development grant, Cupfa members may also apply for “Small Claims” on an annual basis. When funds permit, members who have twelve (12) or more credits of seniority and who are under contract within the academic year may apply. (For more information, consult the Collective Agreement, Article 17.07, page 63)

What kinds of projects are qualified?
The Professional Development Fund committee allocates funds to a wide variety of academic activities such as attending or organizing conferences, seminars, workshops, printing a dissertation, engaging in a research project, etc. The Committee shall also allocate funds to part-time faculty members for professional or academic retraining in a field different from their teaching area, new technological training involving computers, or programs which will enhance their academic professional skills, teaching training or learning development, provided these are not accounted for under Article 9.01 (i.e. preparing, organizing and presenting course material at scheduled class times and being available to students outside class hours).

Where are the forms?
Forms for Professional development can be found in the Professional Development Section and on the forms page of this website.

Forms for Professional development are to be found outside the CUPFA office at (S-K-340).


Available for part-time members who have twenty-one (21) seniority credits or more. See Article 19.03 for more information.


How can I apply to teach?
Information regarding applications for Part-time teaching is described under Article 10 of the Collective Agreement, found between pages 34 – 41. To apply, you must fill out the online application form. This is the only acceptable form for application.

Who gets a copy of the form?
The online application form is submitted to each department where you applied and is also made available to CUPFA when you submit..


What are the application deadlines?
The application deadlines are no later than Mar 10 for Summer courses, May 20 for Fall, Winter, and Fall/Winter courses, and October 20 for remaining winter courses.

Who makes the hiring decisions?
The composition of Part-time hiring committees is described under Article 10.03 of the Collective Agreement, which is found on page 34.

Will I be notified of the hiring decision?
The Department/unit shall post a list of part-time faculty members and course assignments by August 31, January 15 and April 30, with a copy sent at the same time to the Association.