Part-Time Teaching Application Form

Forms related to benefits and the Collective Agreement

Appendix G-A
Concordia University
Change of Classification Form – Graduate Students (CUPFA)
Annexe G-A
Université Concordia
Formulaire de changement de classification étudiantes et étudiants inscrits aux cycles supérieurs (CUPFA)
Appendix G-B
Concordia University
Change of Classification Form – Adjuncts (CUPFA)
 Annexe G-B
Université Concordia
Formulaire de changement de classification – professeures et professeurs associés (CUPFA)

Appendix G-C
Concordia University
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Annexe G-C
Université Concordia
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Direct Deposit Service for Employees Form
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Claim for Health Care Benefits Form

Formulaire de demande de prestations d’assurance maladie
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Injury (Accident)/Incident/Illness/Hazard Report
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Formulaire de rapport de blessure/incident/maladie/danger
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Declaration of Marital Status Form
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Deferred Salary Leave Form
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Régime de congé a traitement différé
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Spousal Waiver of Death Benefit form (Death before retirement)

Attending Physician Statement Form (Physical and Psychological Illness) 
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Short Term Disability Claim Form
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Invalidité de courte durée
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Tuition Waiver Eligibility
Clause 19.03/Article 19.03
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Tuition Waiver Application for Credit Courses – Form A
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Tuition Waiver Application for Non-Credit Courses – Form B
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CUPFA Professional Development Forms

Fund Grant Proposal
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Proposed Budget Travel
 » pd_travel

Proposed Budget Conferences, workshops, training, etc.
» pd_conference

Proposed Budget Preparation of art, music, etc.
» pd_arts_music

Proposed Budget Research
» pd_research

Proposed Budget Other
Please use this form if conferences, travel, preparation of art, or research does not describe your project
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Small Claims – Application Form
(May 1, 2019- April 30, 2020 Budget Year)
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