PD Resources

CUPFA’s Professional Development opportunities are described in several subsections including presentation slides from PD webinars designed to welcome members and offer ongoing support with professional projects.  

Contact Eleni by email, make an appointment, or drop in to her Zoom office hours Friday 9-11 am.

Concordia’s UNITY Support Centre offers individual appointments for online help with Expense Reports.

CUPFA’s Professional Development Fund supports the professional and academic development of part-time faculty members by providing funding for their research or creative endeavours in accordance with Article 17 of the Collective Agreement, and by promoting members’ accomplishments throughout the University. 

The Professional Development Committee assesses all requests for the distribution of Professional Development funds for projects submitted by members in accordance with the CUPFA Collective Agreement and oversees the administration of Small Claims. 

The Committee is chaired by CUPFA’s Chair of Research and Professional Development and may include a Research and Professional Development Assistant. The Committee is not wholly an Association Committee but is a joint employer/union Committee. 

Two main categories of Professional Development funding are available to CUPFA Members: See PD subsections for more information and applications.

PD Large Grants can provide research and creative development funds to members with a minimum of 18 seniority credits (e.g. travel expenses, conference fees, hotel costs when members present papers at conferences; costs involved in the production or exhibition of artworks; etc). See PD subsection “ ePD Projects ” for examples of several endeavours approved in the Large Grants category.

PD Small Claims can reimburse members with a minimum of 12 seniority credits for expenses directly related to teaching (software, internet fees, computer supplies, etc).

Other resources are available to assist with professional development:

Create your Faculty Profile (slides: PDF, 2MB): Help establish your visibility in teaching, research, and other professional activities.

Free Portrait Photo for Professional Use : Contact your faculty’s Communications Advisor to coordinate a free photo shoot and guide you in updating your faculty profile:

Spectrum : is an open-access research repository for research created at Concordia.

See Office of Research internal funding opportunities.